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Power of Friendship - An International Friendship Regatta 24th to 30th November 2008
A History Of 150 Years Of Devotion To The Pursuit Of Oarsmanship In The Calcutta Rowing Club
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Dhaka Sports Carnival

The Calcutta Rowing Club as its crest suggests, was founded by a small number of enthusiastic  oarsmen in 1858. This makes it one year older than the club founded at Shanghai and probably, the oldest club in the east. Records show that the first boat the CRC owned was a six-oared boat purchased from a Mr. Gavin of Salka at a cost of Rs. 300. The first boat house with a thatched roof was on the bank of the Hooghly near Chandpal Ghat. This boat house was built in 1860 and lasted until 1864 when a disastrous cyclone swept it away-boats and all. .....................

  Rowing in Olympic Game

The Olympic Games of modern times have helped considerably to spread the sport of rowing in those countries not familiar with it.

During the first Olympic Games in 1896, the first Olympic Regatta took place, the competitors being teams from the Greek Navy and private Greek clubs.

Since that time, the importance of rowing in the Olympic Games has grown to such an extent that today it can be said that rowing is one of the events which causes the greatest expectation.

1858 - 1896
On the Hooghly River

1897 - 1906
On the Kidderpore Dock Basin

1908 - 1927
On the Majerhat Canal

1928 - Onwards

On Dhakuria Lake

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