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Power of Friendship - An International Friendship Regatta 24th to 30th November 2008
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Calcutta Rowing Club has been celebrating this annual madness methodically for a long time. A notice for ‘Puja Pagal Regatta’ in the year 1935 was unearthed from the old Club records. When the City used to turn mad with ‘Durga Puja’ the expatriates of the Calcutta Rowing Club experienced a different kind of madness- the ‘Pagal Regatta’. It was a break from the tedious routines of practice and regattas. This was an occasion to enjoy with light hearted rowing, funfare and above all the ‘Pagal Night’.

This is indeed an occasion to relax and enjoy at a time when The Oppressive Calcutta Weather mellows down to welcome winter- the ‘home weather’. Is it the nostalgia of ‘home’ that made the expatriates mad? One doesn’t know. But that the change in the weather makes one high spirited is undoubted.
An oarsmen worth the name is also infected by the contagion of madness and takes the oar to sit on a boat turned upside down. An unmindful pair (mixed) sits under a tree instead of a ‘Pair-Boat’ sipping ‘Pink Gin’ from a common glass (Stroke and Bow is anybody’s guess). After a booster does of Beer or Gin four of the oarsmen (Pagals) might huddle in a bath tub instead of a ‘Tub Four’ or a devastating sculler might start hunting for ‘Skulls’.
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Hail Pagals- the Saviors of the Calcutta Rowing Club.

Rules of water are also reversed- the Pagals desert the upturned boat and swim ashore drinking the chaser, ‘Dhakuria Pani’ all the way. Gin and ‘Dhakuria Pani’ makes an excellent cocktail befitting the occasion.

Spirit runs higher with exotic club cusine and orgasms madly at the ‘Pagal Nite’, nay at early next morning. Pagals drain themselves out and stagger for their homes with memories of an unforgettable day of madness.

The first Merchants’ Club Regatta in 1926 was rowed not at Rabindra Sarobar (it was not in existence then) but at CRC’s former course on the Boat Canal near Majerhat Bridge in Behala. It was won by a crew representing the firm George Henderson & Company. Gillanders the donors, had to wait till 1948 to win their trophy. Macneill & Magor have been staking their claims very strongly having won the trophy for five years running and Gillanders’ won the trophy again both in 1980 and 1981. It was won by Chloride (India) Ltd. In 1982. In 1983 Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Won the Cup while in 1984-85, it was won by M.N.C. Tata’s again won back the trophy in 1986, 1988, 1989 and 1990.
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