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Power of Friendship - An International Friendship Regatta 24th to 30th November 2008

Members are hereby requested to adhere to the dress code displayed conspicuously at the entrance. Members are further requested to ensure that their guests also adhere to the specified code. Please note that the service staff has been instructed not to extend service to any person not adhering to the dress code. In order to avoid embarrassing situation, the Committee solicit your understanding and cooperation.                                                         

Kurta / Pyajama

Not Permitted

Punjabi / Kurta with Trousers of any kind

Not Permitted

Shirts with Dhoti

Not Permitted

T-Shirt without collar

Not Permitted
Full Shirts should be buttoned up & tucked in otherwise
Not Permitted
Not Permitted
Awami Dress (Shalwar with long shirt)
Not Permitted
Open neck shirts with collars, duly tucked in, with long trousers and shoes with socks or with leather sandals with straps
Bush shirts / T-shirts with collars may be worn and need not be tucked in with socks and shoes or leather sandals with strap
Safari suits may be worn with socks and shoes
Dhoties and long kurta may be worn with leather sandals without strap

1. Please enroll yourself as a Temporary member by filling in the Gym application form.

2. Children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to use any facilities.

3. Appropriate sport / exercise clothing / shoes should be worn at all times, when exercising (the top should be covered).

4. Changing of Gym wear should be done in the Changing Room only.

5. Equipment and Machines should be used in the manner for which they have been designed. Please study the instructions sheet before use of equipment or ask the trainer.
6. Please return the Free weights to their storage place after use.
7. Please unpack and return barbell plates to their storage place after use.
8. Please use personal sweat towel at all times. The equipment used should be wiped before proceeding to the next station.
9. For hygiene reasons, please sit on a towel, or wear a coat.
10. Those suffering from high blood pressure or heart problems should use these facilities with medical clearance. Don't suppress the fact.
11. Please do not have a heavy meal before exercising.
12. Please do not exercise in case you are unwell.
13. Gym membership is not transferable even within family members.
14. No eatables are allowed in the Gym.
15. The Club will not be responsible for any loss, theft, and/or damage to your property.
16. Any member or his/her guest, who causes damage to any part of the Gym, will be held responsible for the said damages.
17. The Club will not be responsible for any injury to anyone while using any of the equipment. The member shall use Gym at her/his own risk.
18. A temporary Gym member shall not be entitled to use any other club facilities or visit club area except Gym.
19. A temporary Gym member's spouse, dependant children and guests shall not be entitled to visit the Club premises.
20. The temporary Gym member shall always carry his/her membership card. The club shall be entitled to return/refuse entry to any member not carrying his/her membership card.
21. The Club Management reserves the right to discontinue / suspend / terminate membership of a candidate without assigning any reason.
22. This membership is valid only for the Gym timings.
23. In addition to the above, all rules of the Club are applicable.
Charges for Gym For Club Member/Spouse/ Dependant member


Rs. 100/-


Rs. 900/-


Rs. 2500/-

Haly Yearly

Rs. 4200/-


Rs. 7000/-

(** Service Tax as applicable **)

:: Charges for Temporary Gym Membership (Member's Guest) ::




Rs. 3000/-


Rs. 8000/-

Half Yearly

Rs. 15000/-


Rs. 28000/-

(** Service Tax as applicable **)

:: Timing of the Gym 7:00 am to 12:00 noon & 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm (Closed on Sunday) ::


1. Do not get into the pool if you are not a Swimmer.

2. Swimmers must be suitable attired in swimming costumes. No other attire is permitted.

3. Please take shower before entering the Pool.

4. Diving strictly prohibited.

5. Persons with open cuts/wound/skin infections or contagious diseases are requested not to use the swimming pool.
6. Persons with long hair must wear a cap (White in case of Swimmers & Red in case of Non-Swimmers).
7. Children below 3 years are not allowed in the pool.
8. Management is not responsible for loss of any personal belongings.
9. Ayahs / Drivers / Servants / Attendants are not allowed in the pool area.
10.Girls & Ladies are not to enter the pool wearing glass bangles.
11.Use of oil or cream of any nature, whatsoever before entering the Swimming Pool is strictly prohibited.
12.Dependant Members are not entitled to bring Guests.
13.Members must always accompany their Guests in the pool.
14.Pets are not allowed in the Swimming Pool Complex.
15.Members & Guests wearing swimming costumes must restrict their movement within the Swimming Pool Area. Use of any other part of the club premises in swimming costumes is not permitted
16.Chewing of pan masala & beetle leaf is strictly prohibited.
17.Consumption of food / drinks not allowed in the pool & its adjoining deck.
18.Ages below 14 years, are not allowed in the Swimming Pool after 7:30 PM without guardian.
19.Do not swim beyond the schedule timing.
20.Do not swim if you are not fully fit.
21.If needed, one may use head & eye gears.
22.Our pool water is chemically treated and in isolated cases may cause skin & eye irritation. In such event, please consult your Doctor.
23.For any swimming related assistance, kindly contact "POOL ATTENDANT / TRAINER" on duty.
24.Best possible care will be taken to avert accident but Management will not be responsible for such happening.
25.Intake of pool water may cause nausea / vomiting. In such condition, please come out of the pool and ask pool attendant for anti vomiting medicine. Take rest & breathe fresh air.
26.In the pool, watch out for fellow swimmers to avert accident.
27.After swimming take shower with mild soap for skin care.
28.Without "POOL ATTENDANT / TRAINER" swimming would be swimmer's risk.
29.Must enter your name and other details in the register, kept for the swimming purpose.

:: Swimming Charges & Timings ::

Member / Spouse / Dependent Member (below 28 yrs.)

@Rs.15/- per day or Rs.200/- per month

Guest (Ladies / Gents)

@Rs.50/- per day or Rs. 600/- per month

Guest Children (below 16 yrs.)

@Rs.20/- per day or Rs.400/- per month

Timing for uses of Swimming Pool

4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (except Monday)
( Lady & Gents Trainer/ Pool Attendant will be available. Without Pool Attendant / Trainer Swimming would be at Swimmer's risk )

:: Guest Charges Revised guest charges (Ladies / Gents & Children above 18 yrs.) will be applicable on and from 01.05.2011 as follows ::


@ Rs.15/- per head

(Saturdays / Sundays)

@ Rs.20/- per head

More than 10 guests including Ladies / Gents & Children above 18 yrs.)

@ Rs.50/- per head

(On club programme day, rate may change with prior notice.)

:: Table Tennis / Badminton ::

Guest Playing Charges

@ Rs.20/- per day

(Dependant members & Children below 14 yrs. are not allowed after 7:00 pm.)

:: Billing & Payments ::

Now member can see the monthly bill by browsing www.calcuttarowingclub.co.in. under Member's area - by typing own membership no (e.g. XX001) exactly in the section of Members area and for password type the same Membership No. But if you wish , you can change the password.

:: Online Payment of Club Dues ::

If you wish to remit your club dues through online, please note the followings:-


PHONE : (+91)(033)2466-2584




IDIB000 S033



Please note that, after remitting the amount must send an email with the details of payment made to the email id hony.secy@calcuttarowingclub.co.in or crcrbrccrc@yahoo.com for club record. The amount will be credited in your account after confirmation of payment received from the Indian Bank.


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